We are grateful to Paul Shaw who has provided many of the photographs on this website.

Kirk Hallam Lake and Meadows are located on the urban fringe of Ilkeston, in the village of Kirk Hallam.The site comprises a large lake, a section of the River Nutbrook and a patchwork of unimproved, species rich meadows under Countryside Stewardship.

The lake is home to a variety of waterfowl including swans, Canada geese, moorhen, mallard, great crested grebe and coot.

The riverside meadows have not been ploughed in living memory and are a refuge for many species of wildflowers including hemlock, lady's smock, buttercups, meadowsweet and a variety of different grasses.

The river Nutbrook and its banks provide a valuable habitat for water voles and kingfishers.

The site is a candidate Local Nature Reserve and benefits from an active Friends of Kirk Hallam Lake & Meadows Group which meet at the Community School on a regular basis.


  • Wildlife around the site


  • Wildlife on the lake

    Black headed gull

A Summer view
Our pair of nesting swans

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