The Friends of Kirk Hallam Lake & Meadows Fishing Club Rules


                                                         Season      Day

                             Adult                       £13          £3

                            U18                         £7            £2

                            Concession             £7            £2


Handling of Fish

Fish are delicate creatures that should be handled with considerable care. They cost a great deal of money to replace and a lot of' damage can be done to the fish during handling. When handling a fish, wet hands should be used by the angler to prevent its scales from being damaged, as this could lead to disease. Anyone fishing for carp or pike must use a suitable unhooking mat and landing net. 

On returning fish to the water lower them gently in


If a large fish is caught, instead of keeping it in a keepnet, it should be put back immediately to avoid injury. No carp to be retained in keep nets or carp sacks. If an angler requires a picture of a fish or wishes to weigh it this should be done straight away and then the fish put back.

Day tickets are available and can be purchased on the bank from bailiffs.

Bailiffs are: Lee and Matt 

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