The project "Hazel's Garden" in memory of Hazel Cooper is nearing completion.


The Friends of Kirk Hallam Lake and Meadows were very pleased to receive a Special Award for Continued Commitment and Dedication at the 2017 Erewash in Bloom Awards recently. 



January 2017

The Friends are pictured with Councillor John Frudd accepting a cheque for £200. Councillor Frudd has awarded the grant to enable the Friends to purchase a compressor which will be used in the vital work carried out around the lake.



Due to the unfortunate cut backs to the Shipley Park Rangers which has meant that the grass around Kirk Hallam lake has not been able to be cut, the Friends of Kirk Hallam Lake and Meadows now cut most of the grass except for a large area which is too steep for the sit on mower.We are fortunate that Councillor Michelle Booth has awarded the Friends a grant of £600 to purchase a Mountfield mower, which is suitable for cutting grass on steep slopes. We are grateful to Councillor Booth for enabling us to purchase this mower that has the ability to collect/side discharge and mulch with a large cut and wide wheels.

The Friends are also happy to report that pupils from Ladywood School, with the help of Pride in Erewash, have recently planted hundreds of crocus bulbs around the lake which will enhance the many bulbs planted by previous pupils over the last few years.



During  2016, members of the Friends were pleased to
collect Joint First Prize in the category 'Best Street or Communal Area' in
Erewash in Bloom.



During 2015  , members of the Friends were pleased to
collect First Prize in the category 'Best Street or Communal Area' in
Erewash in Bloom.


During November 2014, Ladywood Primary school children planted 4000 daffodil bulbs at the lakeside, with the help of Pride in Erewash.


On Friday, 10 October, 2014, members of the Friends were pleased to collect First Prize in the category 'Best Street or Communal Area' in Erewash in Bloom.




Have you seen our Barn Owl – Bonnie

Missing since Saturday 16 August, 2014 in the Kirk Hallam area.  

Last seen around Ladywood Road area.  

Small reward for safe return.

Please look up into trees, out buildings, around chimney pots/roof tops, trees in your garden.  She would usually be asleep during the day, feeding at dawn and dusk, but if she feels hungry she may come down to people if she associates them with food.  She won’t hurt you, if you can catch her – please do, easier to approach her from the back and put your hands around her keeping her wings to his body (firm but gentle please) and the beak and talons away from you - but don’t frighten her away, just call us if that’s easier and we’ll get to you immediately.

Please contact Lesley or Dave - 01159 305587 or 07773 680 264 or email Robinsonartworks@btinternet.com

May 2014

The Friends have recently been awarded two generous grants. The first is from Big Kirk Hallam of £462 which has been used to purchase a new vandal proof bench which has proven to be popular with young and old alike, including fishermen, school children and bird watchers.

The second grant is from the University of Derby's Community Fund of £300 to purchase a generator to enable the Friends to serve hot drinks at the popular Lakeside Festival, which takes place on Sunday, 6 July, and which can also be used for improvement activities around the lake. A new project, which commenced recently, is to sand down and repaint all the existing seats that have been in place for some years.


The Friends received a grant from Erewash Borough Council for the purchase of a wheelchair friendly picnic table, which has now been put in place.

  In use already!

Balsam Bashing, 19 October, 2013.



Spring bulb planting with the children of Ladywood School. Many thanks to Richard Windsor and his workers of Pride in Erewash. 23 October 2013.



Fruit tree planting with the pupils of Kirk Hallam Technology College and John Gilbert of Shipley Country Park.
19 October, 2013.



The Friends were very pleased to receive First Prize in the category Best Street or Community Area in the Erewash in Bloom competition on the 11 October, 2013. Brian, Hazel, Phyll, George and Lee travelled to Morley Hayes to receive the Award which consists of a certificate and glass trophy.       


On 21 September 2013 the Friends of Kirk Hallam Lake and Meadows were amongst the Big Kirk Hallam’s first group of successful grant applicants at the Community College’s great Autumn Fair.
First up were those who gained £500 grants for running community events over the summer and helping Big Kirk Hallam get its name and message out to a wide number and range of local residents. Esther Collington (Treasurer) collected the cheque on behalf of the Friends of Kirk Hallam  Lake and Meadows. The other two events sponsored by Big Kirk Hallam were Harvest Moon and the Autumn Fair. 


Join us for a Balsam Bash! Can you spare one hour of your time? The invasive Himalayan Balsam plant at the lakeside needs bashing before it takes over our native species. Come and take your frustrations out on this flowering bully!
Meet at the lakeside at 11.30 am on Saturday, 19 October.


Come and join us - our next meeting is on Monday, 24 February, 2014 at 6.30 pm in the Kirk Hallam Technical College Community Room.


The Friends of Kirk Hallam Lake took part in Autumn Footprints, the Amber Valley & Erewash Walking Festival on Saturday, 14 September by organising a walk around Kirk Hallam lake entitled “A Walk on the Wildside”,  kindly led by Paul Shaw, a well known local wildlife photographer and expert in wildlife.
Paul started by telling us about the 70+ species he has recorded around the lake and area, including birds, otters, foxes, badgers, hares, rabbits, water voles, spiders and butterflies. Even though the lake is a comparatively small body of water, it attracts many passing wildfowl, especially in the winter. Shovelers, Pochards and Goosanders can be seen often be seen during the coldest months.
A word of warning, please do not feed the ducks with bread, it does not give them any usable nutrients and can cause harm. Corn is much better for them, and a large bag can be purchased locally at a reasonable price.
We walked to the bridge over the Nutbrook, where Paul pointed out the best places to look for signs of otters (high dry area or large stones – otters like to leave their ‘spraint’ in these areas). Towards the back of the lake, we were shown the best fishing points for kingfishers – a prominent stick. Kingfishers are regularly seen at Kirk Hallam lake.  A flock of Long Tailed Tits gathered in the trees above our heads as we spoke, searching for insects. Apparently, there is a lack of dragonflies at the lake site possibly due to not enough reed beds. A future project for the Friends maybe?
Paul illustrated the walk by showing us copies of his wonderful photographs taken at the lake itself, and reading his own poems about certain wildlife species. An interesting stroll around ‘our’ lake with many engaging insights into its resident and visiting wildlife. The next time you visit, take time to just stand quietly for a while, you might be pleasantly surprised by what you see.



As agreed, the event scheduled for Saturday 7th September will be happening and thank you to anyone who has offered to make the sandwiches
The school students are starting at 9:00 -------------, we are all going to be on site for 11:00.

The Plan for the picnic will be around 12-12:30
Please come to help plant a few wildflowers with us-many hands make light work and with a sandwich and a drink to finish, all we need is nice weather, please bring the sun shine with you!!



Despite the weather, volunteers and Friends of Kirk Hallam Lake were out in force on Saturday, 11 May, 2013 with a Pride In Erewash Litter Pick event being held with help from Erewash Borough Council officer, Richard Windsor.

The Fishing Bailiffs Lee, Clive and George had help from Chair of the Group, Mr Brian Cooper as he tried to get to grips with raising the drain cover to discover such a pile up of debris-it was going to take all day to sort it out.

 As luck would have it-the local Fire Brigade-Ilkeston's White Watch-were working close by-doing some vital water rescue training and the Friends Group were delighted at their very generous offer to help unblock the drain which pumps into the Lake. Cllr Michelle Booth was quick to ask if she could take a photo of the muck and detritus that had been swiftly removed from the drain and the Fire Service were happy to oblige the grateful voluntary crew. Camera loaned by Catherine Atkinson, who had come to meet the Friends Group and the fishing bailiffs and to look at some of the recent work done to create new fishing platforms which are progressing nicely as that project is now well underway.

Local resident Linda Frudd said 'The help from the Fire Service was very much appreciated and made light work of the job - which was welcomed by us all'.

Local Resident John Hickman - probably the eldest member of the Friends Group is also featured in the photograph as he is always ready to lend a hand to most of the tasks undertaken by the team-proving that there is plenty of work, whatever your age and ability and anyone wanting to find out more can look on the website for more details of how to join or come to the next meeting.

A Summer Lakeside Festival is currently being organised by a small subcommittee of the Friends Group- to celebrate and showcase the Natural Habitat of the site with a fun filled afternoon of family entertainment, displays and stalls on Sunday 7th July-starting at 12 noon.


Erewash Borough Council has installed a bench celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.



A Litter Pick at the lake, supported by Pride in Erewash, took place on Saturday, 8 December, 2012.


Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee Tree Planting by the Chairman of Derbyshire County Council George Wharmby. 6 November, 2012.


                                                                     The Friends members attend the planting.

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