Lots of new life has been appearing on and around the lake. Unfortunately, some lives are very short, with the death of one of last year's cygnets in a road traffic accident and the cruelty of nature besetting a new set of ducklings. On a brighter note, however, the Swans have five cygnets, the Greylag Geese have a lovely brood of goslings, young Coots have been spotted and there are a couple more ducklings.

Photo by Hazel Cooper


Following photos by Paul Shaw










May 2014

Unfortunately two swans have recently been found dead, causes unknown. One of last year's young was a casualty and, it is believed, the partner of the nesting female.

But, the good news is, the female swan has hatched NINE cygnets! The Friends will keep a close eye on them. Photos to follow.

In the meantime, a new pair of swans has appeared on the lake. In addition, two of the Canada Geese have hatched goslings.


The resident pair of Mute Swans had a new family of 8 cygnets. (May 2013). Unfortunately, as at January, only two cygnets have survived. They are quite big now, so hopefully will grow up to be parents themselves.
photos by Paul Shaw and Carol Brindley

Spring 2013 photos of Kirk Hallam Lake wildlife. 
(by Paul Shaw)

                     Coots fighting                                               Possibly the first Mandarin Duck on Kirk Hallam Lake                          
                                                                          Take Off!

Recent photographs of birds at Kirk Hallam lake taken by Paul Shaw.
Mute Swan                                        Black Headed Gull

  Moorhen                                                          Black Headed Gull                                        Female Tufted Duck

The site has a number of residents, such as a pair of Mute Swans who this year raised 5 cygnets for a couple of weeks but which, unfortunately, all died. It is hoped they will have more success next year. There are fluctuating numbers of Mallards,Tufted Ducks, Coots and Moorhens, and, of course, the usual flock of Canada Geese.

 Female Goosander        Mute Swan

Winter and Spring visitors are a regular occurrence, with Goosanders, Shovelers, Great Crested Grebe and many more. A pair of Black Swans once stayed for a short time!

Shovelar                           Canada Geese

There is a small island in the lake where the swans, ducks and geese regularly nest and also tranquil riverside meadows, which are also a refuge for many species of wildflower including hemlock, lady's smock and buttercups. Water voles and kingfishers also frequent the area.

The old Nutbrook Canal wall, which
provides ideal accommodation for insects.

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